Design Plan

  • As part of the design deliverable for your project, we use the latest in computer-generated landscape design software which allows you to preview your landscape designs in a very clear and detailed format. This technology provides the ability to make changes, view options, and incorporate your feedback without the high costs associated with traditional hand renderings. It also makes it possible, when preferable and time permitting, to design on site.

    AES Landscape Design can provide you with views of our proposed designs in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) images and as a photo-image.

  • 2D Scaled Plan View – A 2D scaled plan view is almost always needed to complete the design process. Customers will view their designs in a 2D scaled site plan that identifies all plant materials. Plants are rendered at mature size to accommodate spacing for future growth. Rendered symbols are used for design review and installation. There are additional options for plan view layouts, useful for public presentations or display.

    3D Plan View – The 3D imagery is especially useful during design review meetings since it is dynamic. The site plan can be viewed in 3D and rotated 360 degrees so you can understand more clearly how the landscape will appear from different site locations (e.g. looking out a window, coming up a walk, etc.).

  • Photo Imagery – Some customers find that the addition of photo imagery helps them visualize how the completed project may look. Proposed landscape design plans can be created in photo-realistic images showing your landscape before and after it is installed and mature. Installed landscapes reflect the photo imagery.